Web Design’s Role in SEO

What is web design’s Role in SEO? Well, it’s a bit more complex than most people think. On one hand, business owner websites need to have good content on their site for search engine rank it well. But on the other hand, if a site isn’t visually appealing or easy to use, users will bounce off; making it hard for Google’s crawlers to index that page. That means that good web design can help with both ranking higher in search results as well as with retaining visitors and converting them into customers! So what are some things a website designer should consider when optimizing their site? Designing for an audience that is coming from different devices (desktop vs mobile) has become increasingly important because traffic to websites is mobile.

One of the primary goals of any business owner is to growing their customer base. Business owners need the ability to reach more people and get them excited about your products or services. having an effective website design strategy focusing on keywords increases the likelihood of getting found online in search engine results pages (SERPS). Web design’s role in SEO directly impacts how many new clients find a website.

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