What is SEO?

What is SEO you say?

SEO has changed over the years as the search engine algorithms has evolved and become more dynamic. However, SEO is still the number one activity of successful businesses.  SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.  The practice of optimizing your website’s content to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) SEO produces long lasting results. Accurate SEO practices is a powerful way to increase the visibility of your business.  There are many factors that play a part in search engine rakings and skills necessary for SEO are integrated across digital marketing disciplines like: Link Building, Target Audience, Keyword Research, Social Media Management, and Content management.  Ask your self this, “when is the last time I have to get to the second page on a google search to find the answer”?  Most of you cant remember and that is because the answer your are looking for is usually found on the first page.  That doesn’t mean the information on higher pages wont give you the answer that you are looking for.  It simply means that the websites on the first page are better optimized for search engines and are gear to attract more traffic.  According to a study done by Forrester, on average, companies that rank on the first page spend 30% of their budget on digital marketing.

The first step to understanding how SEO works is first understanding how search engines work.  Search Engines use algorithms that scan a domain’s content, page layout, and programming to decide which website is the safest and most relevant to the keyword(s) the user has entered.  Engagement refers to the condition where a visitor interacts with you or your website. The activities of the visitor are measurable through clicks, views, downloads, interactions, and responses.  Ideally, the higher your website ranks on search engines, the more engagements your website gets!  Your goal as a business should be to make sure your company ranks as high as possible based on the keywords that your target audience will search for.


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