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Secure Web Hosting

Once your website is finished being built, it’ll need a server. Our website hosting service allows clients to park their website on our secure servers. With this service, our team updates your plugins, updates your content, provides monthly backups, and makes your site secure! We also provide monthly reporting, so that you’re always in the know about your rankings. 

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With Us, Your Domain is in Good Hands

  • Automatic Backups & Updates
  • Unlimited Design Changes
  • Free Regular Reporting


Orexii's hosting services provide the best-in-class security benefits for your website. When hosting with Orexii, your website we have 24/7 support, intrusion monitoring, and most importantly, a security certificate. Orexii also updates your plugins every day to avoid security exploits.


Orexii makes a promise to provide 99.5% of website uptime to our customers. Availability is especially important, because websites should always be available, especially to potential customers. We perform automatic backups and save your website locally and externally, just in case it's a bad day.


Speed is a huge factor when deciding where to host your website. According to a study done on how users interact with web pages, 60% of visitors leave a website if it doesn't load in as little as 5 seconds. We make sure we optimize your website for speed by using industry-preferred practices. Check your speed NOW!

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Our Services

Why choose Orexii for your Secure Web Hosting?

We are unlike any other digital marketing company! We care about the health of your site, so we are constantly updating and upgrading it. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the most secure hosting on the market. Sign up today, and get your site up in no time!

We Offer the Most Secure Hosting
Prevent Website Crashes and Bugs
Ensure Your Website Runs Quickly
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